We want to hear from you! We really believe every Jewish women has a story to share and we want this to be the place you do it.

JewishWomenTalk is accepting submissions for articles on any topic that is relevant and of interest to Jewish women (almost anything).

Stories, opinions, ideas and viewpoints:
We recommend essays be between 750-1,000 on average. ‘How to’ articles with photos will generally be less, more researched topics will generally have more.

Creative Corner:
We want to showcase our creative and talented women. Please send us an email with a few lines about what exactly you create (music, drawings, other forms of media, etc), along with 2-3 pictures of your items. Put ‘Creative Corner’ in the subject line.

Featuring Women:
We want to hear about women who do really cool and unique things whether it’s during their spare time or as their full time job. Please email us with a couple of lines about something unique you or a Jewish woman in your life does. Put ‘Women of Note’ in subject line.

The goal of the article should be to entertain, inform or inspire. Although we encourage articles about challenging and difficult topics that face Jewish women, we ask that all articles be done in a manner that is respectful and sensitive to others. We won’t accept submissions who’s sole focus is to degrade and put down other Jews or Jewish subgroups.

Please email ideas, comments and submissions to


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