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JewishWomenTalk.com is a collaborative virtual space where Jewish women of all backgrounds can write, read, share and talk about the things that matter most in our world.

The idea for JWT came to us as were running the largest Jewish women’s Facebook group,  Jewish Women Talk About Anything. You admin long enough, you pick up on certain patterns, such as:

1. Jewish Women have a LOT to say

2. Jewish Women tend to ask the same questions over and over and love rehashing topics.

3. Jewish Women are outright superheroes, often dealing with SO much in their lives, work, families and homes and still trying to help others. There are so many Jewish Women that are struggling with such BIG issues; many feeling so isolated and alone.

4. There are many amazing resources out there but they are often unknown to the people who need it most.

4. There is so much untapped potential in our world.

5. Though Jewish women have so much to say, there is a lot that does not get shared, stuff that really deserves to be heard.

Time and time again, a topic or story would be shared and get its few moments, and end mid-thought when the next post got traction. If you were not on Facebook that hour, you probably missed it.  Some posts were so powerful and inspired members for the hour, day, maybe even week. And than it disappeared like all posts do in Facebook groups, deep down the Facebook vortex, never to be seen again unless someone happens to plug in the correct word on Facebooks very unreliable search engine and bump it up. And we felt like these amazing stories and thoughts and sharing of oneselves deserved more. They deserved a real space in the Internet world where it could be shared with anyone who wanted to see it and preserved in its own corner, with its own title and link, not just one of thousands of posts all mixed together. In privately speaking to many women with anonymous posts it was also apparent that there are so many battles women face and almost none of them were unique in its challenges and yet women were fighting and facing it alone. Why should that be? Why can’t we be a little more open and share some of the harder and more difficult parts of life. ‘Daaga blev ish yasichena’ (find quote)

So we created a collaborative website just for that purpose. A site with stories, thoughts, opinions, inspiration and resources, by Jewish Women, For Jewish Women. We reached out to some experts who we knew had great and relatable ideas and advice and we also started approaching the writers that we knew to see if they wanted to join us. Almost everyone was excited to get on board and create this website together and submissions started pouring in. You will find an amazing variety of pieces here; humor, Torah, history, personal narratives, how-to columns, recipes, DIY and so much more. When women asked me for direction about what to write about, I said ‘YOU know the answer. You know what’s in your heart and what you’ve been wanting to write about and share. Just go with that’ And they did. And a brand new part of Jewish Women history was born with content from over 30 Jewish women from all ages and backgrounds.

But we know there’s more of you. Every one of you has a story, a creative piece, some words of wisdom, frustrating realizations, advice from life experience or just overall musings and thoughts that can help connect us, entertain us, inform us, and possibly even change our world. Come and share it with the rest of us. Inspire us, make us smile or cry or nod our heads in understanding or possibly shake our heads in confusion, because its OK to respectfully disagree as well. But let’s keep talking.

Jewish Women Talk.

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