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I am posing with one hand on my hip and a smile on my face, sun glaring in my face.  The photographer tells me what to do and I follow her instructions carefully.  I’m slightly photogenic, or so said my wedding photographer, Ira Thomas!  I’m wearing a purple dress with silver speckles.  My hair is up in braids at the sides, and my makeup is freshly done by a professional.  It’s as if I was going to my sister’s chasuna, except I don’t have a sister and if my brother were to get married I don’t think we would call that occasion a chasuna to be exact.  Maybe a wedding.  Not a chasuna.

How did I get here, shining in the setting sun, like a model of some sort?  How did I, who may I share with you, am 40 pounds overweight, and not so soft around the edges, decide to turn the camera on myself?  How?  It was my deep love for style, my strong desire to make my surrounding pretty and fresh, and my need and desperate want to lose the weight.  The articles that I published also needed an organized home.  So here I was, creating my own Instagram page titled goldieyounglifeandstyle.  Life because life can be sad and life can be funny, life because I have so many words and stories to share with the world, and life because a beautiful life is a life worth living.  Style, because I feature a lot of stylish looks throughout the week.  I wake up excited to see what the day will bring.  Which dress will I wear?  Which earrings am I going to pair them with? And which headband will I wear today?  Which shoes will pull the look together?

I love sharing my savvy shopping ways with frum girls everywhere.  I dress tznius and all my exercise videos are with me wearing a full outfit.  Salads and inspirational recipes, which are of course healthy, are shared as well.  I look for good deals on all my purchases.  I spy a good sale and share it with my followers.  Since my look is ever-evolving, it’s important that it doesn’t cost too much.  I’m a frequent visitor of TjMaxx and Home Goods is my happy place.  As is Amazing Savings and Closeout Connection.  Double Header is the way to go for beautiful, inexpensive earrings.  Junees has dresses for as low as $20 dollars apiece.  Zulily is an app on my phone, and I look forward to 9 am each morning to check out what they have on sale.  They often will have frum clothing lines such as Kipp Collection, Crew Kids New York, and even Baby-o.  I also love dressing my children in matching outfits, so cute they are when they coordinate. That is what my Instagram page is all about and these are my passions.

In addition, home décor is very important to me.  I dress my home like I dress myself.  A new painting on a wall can change everything about a living room.  Refreshes are my thing and walking into a refreshed room makes me feel like a new person.  I recently did a bathroom refresh.  It was the little things like a new shower curtain for $16 and some towels for $7.99 and it made all the difference.  On my page I give the information of all my featured items and where they could be purchased.  My ideas are stylish and playful.  It’s all about the color.  I paint my own walls and I put together idea boards on my phone.  I see what best goes together and make sure there is always a color scheme.  Right now I’m crushing on navy velvet: what a luscious, rich color!



Exercise is very important to me.  That’s why I developed Treadmill with a Kick.  I used to attend Zumba classes, but had to stop because of a pregnancy.  However, I saved all the songs and knew all the moves.  I loved dancing in the gym twice a week, but after I had my baby I didn’t have the time to attend.  It was just too hard with a newborn.  So I got a treadmill and turned on the songs.  Instead of dancing, which could be hard to do when you’re overweight, I walked and moved my arms to the music.  I noticed that my heartrate would go up considerably when I did this and so I found it a great way to up my cardio workout on the treadmill.  I feature various songs, ones which just make you want to dance.  My heart bursts at all the beautiful music there is out there. It really enhances my day as I slowly make my way to a lower number on the scale.   There is much fun and inspiration on the treadmill now and it’s not boring at all.

My other passion aside from style and home décor, is the color of my nails.  To make a long story short, I quit my nail salon and branched out on my own.  In the beginning, my hand shook and my nails came out looking sloppy, but I persevered, so inspired I was by the color of nail polish there was out there and the endless possibilities there were when YOU were the one in charge of the polish change.  Now my nails look professional and I don’t need to be subservient to a salon: I can paint my nails when my kids fall asleep, in the comfort of my own home.  I have to admit, the amount of nail polish I own has expanded to abnormal proportions, but my nails look great (almost) every day.  Sometimes I match it to my outfits, other times I just go bold and beautiful.  I’m not afraid of green or blue or gray.  I think my nails are an extension of the art we can create and the colors they come out with nowadays are just breathtaking!  Many colors are featured on my page and they come with the brand name and the name of the color, so you can just take the picture straight to your nail salon and ask for it.

I was always too scared to follow my passion.  It was even sometimes not clear to me what it was I was passionate about.  But now I feel free and happy and although I don’t have the body of a model, I feel that fashion is for everyone and every body. I feel that your body is a blank canvas and how we dress and accessorize is how we paint the canvas.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, someone once said.  I say a little beauty can make your day just a little bit more perfect!


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Goldie Young

Goldie Young is a teacher , author, wife, and mother. She lives in New York With her husband and three beautiful children.

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