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How to get Your Breast Pump for Free

How to get Your Breast Pump for Free

Did you know that many breast pump systems are actually covered through insurance?  It is worth looking into because it can save you a lot of money.  My medical insurance covered my pump (minus my upgrade) and actually covered new pump parts every 3 months too!


Use a Medical Equipment Provider

I went through Aeroflow because they handled literally everything for me.  I provided them my insurance info and due date through their website/e-mail and they took care of the rest.  They even reminded me every three months that I was eligible for more pump parts!  Seriously cannot speak more highly of this company.  It won’t cost you anything to use their services. Note: If you decide to upgrade, you will pay the difference in cost between what your insurance plan covers and the more expensive pump.



I ended up upgrading to this pump because it was lightweight and allowed me to work hands free while pumping. I would just clip the unit on to my pants while I did dishes or cooked or whatever else needed to be done. With twins, this was a HUGE lifesaver especially since I ended up exclusively pumping for about 5 months.


Other pumps that have great reviews are this or this. If your insurance covers a pump, these should be free.


Pump parts

If you think you will be pumping a lot, I HIGHLY recommend buying at least 1-2 extra sets of parts. With a new baby the last thing you will want to do is clean pump parts after every single feed.  When I started exclusively pumping, I had four sets of pump parts.


Don’t forget to refer my breast milk storage tips here.



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