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Mikveh in a Blackout

I had the great experience recently,
Going to a busy mikva in Winter, in my backwards country.
No light, or electricity was there, inside.
But outside, other roads and houses did have to guide.

Thankfully there was hot water and an LED lamp,
Clean towels, a clean bathroom that wasn’t damp.
The privileged I felt, and was greatly relieved,
I could do only the preparation I could achieve.

No worries that I had forgotten to check or scrub,
I could only feel, not see too much, while in the tub.
When I was ready at last to immerse, I had to wait some more.
No bell to ring for mikva lady to come open the door.

Each woman was knocking to be heard first and immerse,
The mikva lady doing her best to cater for each woman so diverse.
No extra prayers could be read before, light was poor,
Last checks with a torch just to make sure.

The water was lukewarm, but I was happy and content,
It was truly an experience and my prayers up above were sent.
An evening that could have been filled with worry and stress,
I made the decision to see the funny and positive and did bless.

I do hope next time there will be normal power,
Preparation as I have done for years with light and a hot shower.
This was an experience never to forget and a smile to share,
For the mitzva performed once again by Jewish women everywhere.

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