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A Fedorable Idea

I’ve been eyeing straw hats these day, itching to swap wintery beanies for hair coverings that announce the arrival of summer. I’ve also been eyeing my glue gun and some neon spikes I had lying around the house, desperately waiting to be attached to the perfect accessory.

Then I found myself at Michaels one day last week—because I needed a frame for a puzzle my husband had completed. But you know how it goes. For yours truly, Michaels is kind of like Target. You walk in for a frame and you walk out with a straw hat, some random ribbon, and a selection of squishies you probably should have resisted at the checkout counter.

Lately, I’ve been seeing straw hats affixed with various appliques—from motifs to sayings, including one I recently saw, declaring everyone to “Be Happy.” But you know what makes me personally happy? Spikes. Lots of colorful, little spikes.

So check out this Fedorable idea, and totally copy it:

Here’s what you will need:

  1. A straw fedora (or big floppy sunhat if that’s more your style). I got mine at Michaels for $5!!! (They don’t have this online, but you should be able to find it in your local store.) This one comes with a colorful ribbon that I’m leaving on. Most will come with some sort of finishing.
  2. Neon Garment Rivets (10mm) -This bag will be enough for many projects!
  3. A glue gun + glue sticks

Now let’s spike it up in two simple steps!

  1. Use your heated glue gun to glue the rivets around the top of the hat in a random pattern. Don’t overthink the color placement, but at the same time, try not to group too many of the same colors together. Also, don’t put the rivets too close together. Give them some breathing room.

2. Remove any glue gun “stringys” that are left over.

And presto change-o. A fedorable new accessory for the beach or strolling along Main Street, Central Avenue, or whatever they call your town’s main shopping district.

Happy summering!


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Rochelle Fisher-Taub grew up in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in North Woodmere. She holds a BFA from FIT in Advertising Design, and she has spent over a decade writing copy for Fortune 500 companies. When Rochelle is not DIYing clothing and accessories, she is hard at work on her first novel. Follow her on Instagram @Rostyle.Restyle and @freakyscribe and stay up to date with her creative adventures.


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