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The Initial Post:”Letter” Us Glam Up Some Heels!

Last week I had an event that I just couldn’t find shoes for. Not that I didn’t have a pair of black heels. I just didn’t have the right pair of stunners for the outfit I wanted to wear. Plain black pumps are great if you’re wearing lots of sequins and bling, but if you’re not, then you definitely want your shoes to stand out. Because we all love to hear: OMG where did you get those awesome heels?!?!

So what does the chronic DIYer do when faced with the no-shoes-to-go-with-this-outfit-dilemma? You make these babies:

Cue a crafty jingle and “letter” us get started.

Initials are all over the place these days. Hats. Bags. Jackets. Shoes too—you know on those canvas sneakers. But then I saw some block heels at Target—and I painlessly gave birth to this idea…

Block heels + Initials + fringe + pearls = Major gushing

What you will need to make these yourself:

  1. Pair of block heels. These were $24.99 at Target:

2. Fringe (5.75”inch pleather fringe used here) (measure the ankle strap x2 for each shoe)


  1. Iron on letters (Michaels)

  1. Flatback pearls (12mm)


  1. E6000 glue recommended for a more permanent bond vs a glue gun:

6. An iron for ironing on the initial (I know y’all still have one somewhere – if not, this one is small and highly rated.)

Now for the glamming:

I picked the shoes above from Target, but you can use any similar pair. I recommend a faux suede/suede shoe—it’s a better surface for the iron on letters.

I followed the directions on the package for the iron on letters. It is super simple to do. Just cut out the letter, stick it on the shoe—make sure to measure that each letter is placed on each shoe at the same distance from the bottom. Then cover it with an old tee shirt to protect it from the heat as you iron it on.


Then I glued my pre-cut fringe to the ankle strap, stopping right before the first buckle hole—so the fringe doesn’t interfere with the closure. I recommend the E6000 glue for a better bond. Glue guns are easy, but with the pleather and the plastic pearls, it’s not the best option for long term bonding—especially since you’re going to be wearing these to all of your events this summer!


To finish it off, I glued on the flatback pearls approximately ½ inch apart from each other (approximately = I eyeballed it).

And Viola. Initial stunners. Happy partying!





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