3 Simple Steps for Conquering the Clutter in Your Life

The blouse you’ve never worn. The extra buttons in a pile that you save for “an emergency”. The hideous tablecloth you received from your aunt’s third cousin that you can’t part with because “it was a gift.”


It’s time to take control of your space and only surround yourself only with things that actually contribute to your life. Did you know that living in a tidy, decluttered space can actually reduce stress and anxiety? Physical clutter equals mental clutter, and that alone is reason to get your home organized. Follow these three easy steps and say hello to a tidier lifestyle:

1) When is the last time I used this?

Ask yourself this question. If you haven’t used an item in at least a year (excluding seasonal or special occasion items) or can’t recall the last time you used it, it’s time to let it go. This item does not serve a purpose in your life if it doesn’t even see the light of day, so why should it occupy precious real estate in your home? Reserve this space for something that DOES lend itself to your life.

2) The Purge

After you determine what you are keeping and what you are letting go, it’s time to kiss those unused suckers goodbye by one of three avenues: donate, sell or toss.

  • Donate:
    Some items can be donated, like toys and clothing that are in good condition. I suggest donating these belongings to a local shelter, school, synagogue, or Goodwill. An added bonus of donating is that it may make you eligible for a tax deduction. Just make sure that what you are donating is something that is actually desirable – people don’t want your old junk!
  • Sell:
    If you aren’t comfortable donating more expensive or brand new items, try and sell them! You can sell clothing to secondhand stores like Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange or thredup, or list them yourself on poshmark or ebay.
  • Toss:
    Don’t be afraid to throw things away! There are certain items that are too old, gross or just not desirable enough to be donated, and these belong in the good old garbage. I promise you – if it has just been collecting dust in the back of your cupboard for the past ten years, it may as well be trash anyway.

3) No regrets

If it hasn’t served you for the past x amount of years, you will not miss it. I have yet to come across a client who truly misses a single item that we have gotten rid of. And that’s because the majority of what people are holding onto is just “stuff.” Most people with cluttered homes are hoarding things rather than sentiments. LET IT GO. In this process you create room – room for yourself, room to breathe, and room to be filled with new memories.

Coming next: “What in the world do I do with all of my kids’ beautiful projects!?” Stay tuned!

This article originally appeared on The Organizer Bunny.

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